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Advanced Nano Coatings

Most other coatings just sit on the surface of the substrate.these nano coatings at a molecular level means that these protective coatings become one with the surface they are applied to and create a superior barrier. Nano coatings have the added bonus of providing anti-graffiti protection.

For metal, concrete, wood, stone and circuitry, as well as its anti-graffiti and marine coatings are non-breathable, waterproof coatings. They coat the surface of the substrate completely with a gloss, satin or matt finish (which you specify) and provide a superior barrier against moisture, mold, stains, scratches and graffiti.These coatings all have less than 100g/L VOCs, meet high air-quality standards and contain no known carcinogens under California Prop 65. With Coval coatings there is no need for harsh chemical cleaning and the life of the substrate is extended.


All of the coatings are extremely durable. They have scored 39.11 on the ASTM Taber Abrasive test, 70-75 on the Rockwell Scale and 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale. A diamond is 100 on the Rockwell Scale and 10 on the Mohs. This means the coatings have a higher resistance to usual wear and tear. Expect years of protection before re-application is required.

The coatings will not degrade as a result of exposure to UV rays. They won't stop UV rays getting to a paint coat below but they will significantly slow down its deterioration. It's like putting sun-screen on your paint!

Easy to maintain - soap and water and mild cleaners are all you need to keep Coval surfaces in pristine condition. This saves maintenance - imagine not having to polish the floors in supermarkets, malls and hospitals. And saving on maintenance means saving money.


Anti-Graffiti Coat
All of Coval's coatings provide exceptional anti-graffiti protection. This coating named Anti-graffiti Coat is best suited for non-porous substrates such as painted surfaces, plastic or signs: e.g. painted buildings walls and fences in schools and other public and private buildings and on business and road signage.

Metal Coat
Our other coatings is also protection against graffiti vandalism and can be cleaned as many times as the Graffiti product. They can be used when the substrate is metal and needs protection from corrosion and deterioration as well as graffiti: e.g. bridges, agricultural and building machinery, ski chairs, metal post boxes, girders, chains exposed to acid.

Concrete Coat
Concrete Coat protects concrete floors from stains, water damage, oil, mild acids and graffiti. It is an extremely durable coating for use on concrete floors and concrete tiles in homes, shops, supermarkets, malls and factories and concrete walls in both domestic and commercial use and on benches and planter boxes.

Marine and Hull Coat
Marine product will protect boat hulls and propellers from marine life and barnacles. It can be used on steel and aluminium hulls, fibreglass and concrete hulls, on dams, concrete pipelines, concrete holding ponds, oil rigs, and the bits of bridges which are under-water. It has also been used successfully in fish hatcheries.

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